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Smileearth Holding Co., Ltd. main business covers the water bottle, glasses, playground equipment, smart watches, bicycles, engineering design, software development and agricultural products etc. eight industries., Currently holding Xin Yue Tang, Xiu Jiang Industrial, Jing Huang, Jia Shang Jia and Kuai Yi Ke etc.dozens of companies becoming a large comprehensive enterprise.It Is expected to reach 500 holding companies after two years. Xin Yue Tang holding company has planned to officially listed in April 2016.In order to Implement company strategic objectives, Smile Earth will be trying to create more outstanding enterprises, cultivate more excellent leaders , improve the company is internal management organization and carry out various preferential measures, greatly inspire the vitality of enterprises, long-term development laid a solid foundation for the company.


  • Shaker Bottle
  • Silicone Water Bottle
  • Infusion Water Bottle
  • Sport Bottles
  • Space bottle
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